Artist’s Statement

My work derives from a desire to illuminate, communicate and educate, especially regarding what I see as major issues facing humanity, primarily the senseless destruction of the environment and one another. The journey towards these goals requires stamina and commitment, with great respect for craft and those artists who paved the way. Some of my mentors and role models have been as diverse as David Smith (who taught me there are no rules to art), Mati Klarwein (who taught me the oil and casein techniques of Cellini) , Andy Warhol (who taught me not to take it all too seriously), Rembrandt (whose virtuosity was equaled by his humanity, and willingness to bare his soul), and Da Vinci (who teased the intellect with his “puzzle pieces”).

The AURORA SERIES depicts great events of human endeavor and folly within the context of the spectacular cosmic beauty of the Aurora Borealis, or Northern Lights. This grand display of crackling color provides a dramatic and humbling backdrop for powerful events that are the result of human intervention, manifesting in our time in climate change and the follies of war and displacement. The most recent figurative work (still in progress), explores the human factor as essential to correcting the imbalance wrought by mankind’s indifference.

The SHEKKINAH SCROLLS stand as an island within my work. This major multi-media installation is based on the Dead Sea Scrolls and the Kabblah, and is intended as a guide to the future. The four illuminated scrolls can be installed flat on the wall or within a portable circular “tabernacle” thirty-two feet in diameter. The multi-lingual scrolls (scribed entirely by women) with imagery based on the powers of Hebrew alphabet are accompanied by an especially composed sound track and harps tuned to the music, which can be played by the viewers. The underlying purpose of this epic work is to create Tikkun Olam, or the healing of the earth, through the union of the masculine and feminine principals.

I believe transcendence is a viable alternative to extinction. Although at times this seems a fairly impossible goal, I try through my artwork to convey the fervent hope that sanity and humanity will prevail. Part of this commitment requires relinquishing ego, grandiosity and intolerance, which pervade contemporary society. Beauty, intellect and humor are an essential part of my work, coupled with a rich and complex painterly process. I consider making art to be a bridge between the unseen energy of the universe and the viewer, who forms the completion of the act of art.