DEEP SEE – An Art Installation for the Sea

The Miart Foundation is proud to be supporting a collaborative artist installation titled DEEP SEE, a project envisioned by our Executive Director and artist Tina Spiro. The installation unites art and multi-media works related to sea level rise and marine conservation. The central component to this installation is shipping container that features art and multi media works by Tina Spiro. Each work focuses on addressing a key component of environmental, spiritual and self awareness which are interdependent forms of “Conscious Evolution.”1 The installation shall also serve as the platform for other educational elements, multi media and art works related to sea level rise and marine conservation, creating an immersive outdoor art exhibition.

Curated by Dr. Carol Damian, Professor of Art History, Florida International University
Artwork by Tina Spiro
Photography by Paul Stoppi

“We have to work with the water, not against the water”

Eran Spiro: Urban Planner/Architect/Futurist


“Her art embraces life, hope and the spirit of all living things”

Eleanor Heartney, NY Art critic an author


Art has become a powerful means of communication as civilization becomes simultaneously both more knowledgeable and more regressive. It is the objective of DEEP SEE to heighten awareness of the imminent threat of rising sea levels to coastal areas, and the necessity of marine conservation to preserve life on the planet. We need to propel that awareness into immediate action. DEEP SEE is a catalyst for dialog not just about art, but about design and engineering solutions to sea level rise, conservation, and the necessity to change our foolish disregard of nature’s process. We need to change our approach to all forms of human endeavor. Working “with the sea, not against the sea” means adjusting our approach to a multitude of plahorms: architecture, engineering, design, zoning, building code, marine pharmaceuticals, preservation of species, etc. To make this giant leap towards survival we must change ourselves, our bad habits, and the environmental design process not just to be sustainable, but to ensure the continuation of the life forms of the planet (including ourselves) for future generations.

“Transcendence as an alternative to extinction” – Robert Jay Lifton

1. Hubbard, Barbara Marx, Conscious Evolution: Awakening the Power of Our Social Potential. New World Library, 1998. ISBN1-57731-016-0



Expanded view of DEEP SEE container as seen from above.


DEEP SEE container interior


DEEP SEE container: The Living Room, (Immersion): An architecturally defined underwater space which includes realistic undersea paintings within a doorway and overhead. The installation includes sound, light and life-like sea creatures.

Illustrated: Preliminary model for installation consisting of oil on canvas, dry wall, paint, fish replicas, sound track, sand, lighting effects; Dimensions variable: 9’6” H X 8’ W X 12’ D approximate.



Overhead mural: The Diver, Oil on canvas,
8’ X 15’

The focal point of the Installation “Deep See” is a large canvas recessed in a doorway suggesting undersea dwelling units of the future.

Deep See, oil and casein on canvas, 7’ H X 3’ W.

J A C O B ‘S L A D D E R : S P I R I T U A L E N C O U N T E R


JACOB’S LADDER (Infinity): A vertical installation of sea-foam green gossamer fabric enclosing a marine ladder ascending to a mirrored square; experiencing our connection to the infinite. Fabric, rope, wood, and mirror; 30” W X 30” D X 9.5’ H

D A W N I N G : E N L I G H T M E N T


DAWNING (Transcendence): A large seascape and painted minimalist foreground depicting morning light breaking onto the ocean of a greater consciousness.

Oil on canvas; 6’ H X 9’ W X 1’ D.

A R I S E : S E L F A W A R E N E S S


ARISE: (Self-awareness): Welded metal sculpture of a doorway framing a mirror, with steps rising to a small platform where we encounter ourselves.

We need to examine ourselves and change our thinking before we can change the destructive patterns of behavior that threaten ourselves and the earth. Welded aluminum, mirror; 8’ H X 4’ W X 28”D.


Interactive video monitor dedicated to the website which overlays the NASA flood maps with Google maps showing sea level rise worldwide at 7M.